Weekend Thrifting Report

We stopped at a few yard sales this weekend, and found some fun treasures.

The goat planter was purchased a while back, but I planted oregano in it this weekend, and now he happily sits in my “herb garden” area. I just love him.

I found the large printers tray at a yard sale, and grabbed it up right away! I have been searching for one like this for a while. Jackpot!

The chicken dish is from Avon. It came complete with it’s original yellow egg soaps. They smell wonderfully soapy. I love soap that smells soapy, you know what I mean? Most soap tries to smell like something else – cucumbers, cherry blossoms, cupcakes…… but the smell of just “soap” is nice.

So the shell chicken….. not sure what to even say about it! It’s not really my thing, but my daughter collects all things shells, and she simply had to have these. (There are 2 of them, by the way) They even have little shell vents on their backends!

So that’s my weekend’s vintage treasures. Did you find anything old and wonderful! (or odd. you know I love weird vintage!)

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