Saturday Shenanigans

We love Saturdays, especially in spring. Today was the first farmer’s market of the year in our town, and there were some special events taking place that we enjoyed. The Puppetry Institute had a display of puppets, and the kind gentleman introduced us to several of his puppets. Jo does not care for puppets, but I love them. I think she is a bit afraid of them, but she will not admit it. I, however, love puppets, and these puppets were extra cool. There was even a juggling chicken puppet! I wish I would have taken pictures, but I was too busy enjoying the show and asking a ton of questions. We will be visiting the Puppetry Institute soon, so I will get pictures then.

There was a station set up for kids to plant bean seeds, and of course Jo happily participated. She loves all things garden related. Her little seed is now on our window sill, soaking up the sun and getting ready to sprout into a useful garden plant.

Of course, there were lots of plants, early spring veggies, and handmade and homemade goodies to purchase. Again, I did not take pictures, but I will next week. I came home with strawberry mint and lemon verbena starts, bok choy, spring onions, kale, homemade spinach and pea noodles, a beautiful baguette, and the tastiest loaf of jalapeno cheddar bread.

We then walked over to the town square, and took a mule cart ride around town, while costumed story tellers told tales of our town’s history. I love our town. We live in Independence, Missouri, a suburb of Kansas City. Our town is the hometown of President Harry S. Truman. It is also the starting point for many of the pioneers who went west to California and Oregon during the gold rush. We have lots of historic sites to visit, and there is a Pioneer Museum and the Harry S Truman Presidential Library.

The wagon ride was a hoot. It was a rough ride, and I was afraid of falling out, but of course that did not happen. The mules were named Frank and Ann, and when the ride was over they accepted some nose petting from Josephine.

After the market, we checked out a plant sale on the other side of town, and I bought several varieties of scented geraniums and a Jerusalem artichoke.

I am looking forward to tomato season! I bought some greenhouse tomatoes last week from a farmer at the Garden Festival at the Uptown Market, and tonight I sliced them up, sprinkled them with oregano, garlic powder, salt, and parmesan, and a bit of olive oil, and baked them at 425 degrees for about 15 minutes. They were delicious!

The baby bird picture is from a nest on our front porch, in our Boston fern. They just hatched a couple days ago. Don’t worry, we are not bothering them too much! Casey likes to put his camera above the nest and take a picture to see what’s going on. Mama seems to be accustomed to us, since the nest is right by our front door and we walk past it several times a day. They are house finches, and we love them.

I’ll get more pictures next Saturday. I’m still getting used to this blogging thing, and getting in the habit of taking photos.

Enjoy your weekend!

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