Oh, October!

Can you believe it is October already? Where has 2018 gone?

We are having a lovely fall here in Independence, Missouri. The weather has been cool and lovely. The leaves are still green, but will be changing to their Autumn glory soon. I have spent quite a bit of time drinking tea and crocheting pretty little blankets. I love this time of year!

Currently I am working on a St. Petersburg blanket from Haafner Linssen’s book, “Striped Crochet Blankets”. This is a fun and easy pattern, and is using up my cotton scraps rather nicely. I chose to use yellows, peaches, and greens with cream in between the colored rows. I am just about half finished.

I have a confession: this blogging thing does not come easily to me. I never know what to write about. I will do well for a few days, then neglect my blog for weeks, or even months. So I am going to try something. For the month of October, I am going to post a daily dishcloth on Instagram, and post them here once a week or so. Hopefully that will get me in the habit of posting on my blog regularly. It will also give me an excuse to be creative every single day. Wanna play along? use hashtag #dailydishcloth. I would love to see your work!

Here’s today’s #dailydishcloth:

Happy October first!



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