I love Saturday mornings!

Saturday is my favorite day of the week! We sleep in (somewhat), and then we go to an area farmer’s market. This week we chose Drumm Farm. I love this market, even though it is pretty small.

We got to love on the baby goats today! The market manager explained to us that their baby goats are so friendly because they were bottle raised, since they were rejected by their mother. And they are super friendly! They come running up to the fence like little dogs, and make cute little sounds until you pet their sweet noses. I asked what kind of goats they were, and he said they were just “regular old goats”. We have plans to move out of the ‘burbs and onto some land, and I want little goats just like these! So if anyone knows what kind they are, let me know.

As far as our market haul, I bought tomatoes. Oh so many tomatoes. They had several beautiful heirloom varieties, and of course I needed some of each. I also bought new potatoes, some beautiful leeks, acorn squash, red onions for pickling, and kohlrabi, which is a new veg for the Smith family. I have no idea what to do with it, so I will be hitting up my recipe book library and Google for recipes. Any suggestions?

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