Hi, I’m Stephanie!

Hi there!  My name is Stephanie. That’s me, in the picture above.  It’s my favorite picture of myself, because it looks like the cows in the picture are eating my hair.   Welcome to my new blog!  I guess I’ll start by telling you a bit about me and my family.

I live in the Kansas City suburbs with my husband and youngest daughter.  I also have a grown daughter, who just moved out this year.

Right now we are city folk, but we have dreams of moving to the country.  Soon.  I love where I live now, but I have always been a small town girl at heart.

I homeschool my youngest.  We love it!  Homeschooling is a great adventure, every day!  My youngest is 7, and loves animals.  She is a walking encyclopedia of fun animal facts.  She is also a voracious reader.

I am one of the lucky ones. I am able to do what I love every single day, and for that I am so grateful!

My Grandma Helen taught me to crochet when I was very young, but I never had much interest in the craft. After she passed away, I longed for a way to connect with her once again. My mother gave me a bag of her old crochet hooks, the ones she used every single day to make beautiful afghans and slippers for everyone in the family. I picked them up, got busy searching the internet for crochet tutorials, and I was hooked! (no pun intended). My husband shakes his head in disbelief at my yarn habit, but he is very supportive.

I am a crazy chicken lady.  We have 7 chickens that happily live in our backyard.  I want more, one day, when we move.  I also want goats and ducks.  My husband is a bit frightened that I am going to start a farm.

One of my favorite parts of being a stay at home mom is being able to bake and cook from scratch daily.  On Saturdays, you will always find us at one of the many farmers markets in our area, searching for weekly dinner ingredients.  Fresh, homemade, and local is always my goal when it comes to feeding my family.

That’s enough about me, for now.  I want to know you, too!  If you have a moment, please introduce yourself.

Thanks for reading my little blog!  Until next time,




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